Physical Fitness

Physical aptitude is the capacity of the human organism to carry out different physical activities in an efficient way, delaying the appearance of fatigue and decreasing the time necessary to recover. This results in the proper functioning of the organs, apparatuses, and systems of the human body, due to the periodic and systematic performance of physical activities.

Training Methods.

Appropriate methods of training in physical education are fundamental for general health and well-being. Circuit, continuous, interval, weight and flexibility training are important. Some physical education teachers use the acronym FITT, which stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type, to help them remember the key factors when creating a training program for a particular sport or activity. Determining target training zones for specific individuals will help each person achieve wellness goals. Optimal physical training also includes the right amount of anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

Psychological Training

Psychological preparation is a pedagogical process, whose goal is to prepare the gymnast in conditions that allow her to demonstrate her best performance at the time of the competition. This preparation is carried out together with the physical and technical preparation, from the beginning of the formation of the gymnast.
Sports psychology, as an applied area, works in a scientific and concrete way, adapting and creating evaluation and intervention processes that allow the sportsman to develop his physical and psychological potential to the maximum.

The specialized knowledge of human behavior that Psychology provides, and the specific methodology of this science to evaluate, study, understand and modify it, can be extremely useful in the field of competitive sport, as is usually pointed out by numerous coaches and athletes. It is not in vain that the psychological functioning of athletes can influence, positively or negatively, their physical, technical and tactical/strategic functioning and, therefore, their sporting performance. Thus, psychological preparation must be integrated into the overall preparation of sportsmen and women, as one more element that has to interact, appropriately, with the physical, technical and tactical/strategic fields.


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