Nutrition and Health

Are you looking for your own recipes on the internet? Do you consult training routines to keep in shape? Are you interested in knowing the difference between Paracetamol and Ibuprofen?

Congratulations, you are a patient 2.0, an ePatient, the patient of the present! And you are part of the e-health movement or, which is the same thing, network health. Take a look at these blogs on nutrition and health and recommend us your favorites!

Boticaria García

Marián García has a degree in Pharmacy and a Ph.D. in Nutrition from the Complutense University. Her blog is practical to fight against “Dr. Google”, as she calls it. In it, you can find answers to situations that you have probably considered on more than one occasion. For example, jar juices, yes or no? the amount of Daisy to take for a child or types of condoms. The posts are triumphant because of their closeness and simple explanation, devoid of cover and always from a professional point of view.


In Vitónica you will find advice and news about nutrition, sport, and health. One of the keys to its success is its treatment to the user, which involves the proposal of activities such as the challenge of abdominals. Its sections cover all types of content. For example, in nutrition, you can find specific posts about fats, hydrates or proteins. Essential also the special ones like Operation Bikini, which contain the best articles related to the subject.



In addition to talking to you about health and nutrition, goes one step further and offers you information about scientific news, psychology or astronomy. Following an instructive line, Medciencia provides curious content that responds to situations that you have probably considered on more than one occasion. For example, why do hands fall asleep? Or why do we sweat and how can we control it? In the field of nutrition, the posts offer information on whether sweeteners are good or bad for diabetes or which is the best cheese to make your pizza.

The doctor’s office

A specialist in Family and Community Medicine has become popular thanks to this blog that he uses as a means to help his patients. “I try to offer an additional means of communication to the consultation were to share information, knowledge, reflections, and proposals”, explains Casado in the blog. With more than 14,000 followers on Twitter, the doctor also configures this space as an e-consultation, in other words, “a digital complement to an ordinary face-to-face medical consultation. It offers information and communication from your doctor outside the consultation”.

My diet limps

Without any kind of taboo, My Diet limps shares content about the world of food, without dogmas or magic answers or perfect manuals. “Simply because there aren’t,” they say on the blog. Their main objective is that you have enough information to be able to make decisions. Aitor Sánchez García, its creator, is a Dietitian-Nutritionist and deals with very interesting topics such as the relationship between diet and acne, the safety of sweeteners according to studies or recommendations to start in physical activity if you are overweight or obese.


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