Business trips: tips to be efficient

For global entrepreneurs, travel is an excellent opportunity to get out of the comfort zone and enjoy new experiences.

According to a good trip planning, and if the agenda allows it, it is advisable to take advantage of business trips to enjoy some cultural activity at the destination.

Whatever goals you set for your trip, be sure to do so efficiently by following these tips.

Optimize your technology

Business travel can be especially exhausting when combined with routine day-to-day business tasks. Having access to your company’s network – via phone, tablet or laptop – and the security of being able to access important business information is critical.


Whether it’s through a VPN (virtual private network) or a virtualization of your desktop, and whether you’re a user of the cloud or your company’s servers, having the ability to retrieve the necessary information and store it securely is the key to maintaining productivity during your trip. Business trips are wonderful for expanding a business, but they won’t do their job if you’re stressed by things like a bad network connection.

Take advantage of alternatives to a hotel

Don’t dwell on the idea of spending the night in a renowned hotel. Before your trip, check out private rental options, such as Air BnB or Wimdu, which is usually 50% cheaper than a hotel and usually offers all the necessary amenities.

Online tips

One option that many do not know when booking flights, is to visit websites under the option of private browsing or clear the cache after the visit. In this way, travel companies can not make a traceability of their searches and consequently, avoid the rise in prices of the flight in question.

Travel websites know what you have consulted through the traceability of your searches, and when you return to the page, they ensure that the prices are the same or higher than on your first visit.

Have your reservations on hand

Keep booking information within reach wherever you are. Get the right mobile application so you can manage all your accounts and files in real time, whether you’re at the airport or inside a train. If you have the right software, you can make important decisions without even having to make a call.

Documentation and information.

Before starting your trip, it is very important to check that all your documentation is valid: valid ID, suitable passport, the necessary vaccinations in the country, time change, etc. To know the generalities and particularities of your destination, you can use the ICEX country guides, among the many guides available on the net.


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