Benefits of smart home safety

The comfort provided by technology is growing, and having that comfort in the home allows us to make better use of time and gives us peace of mind.

How do you know if your home is smart? According to the Comparaonline portal, these houses are commanded through cell phones or computers. All information is integrated and is known as domotics.

Nowadays, the demand for remote control of our spaces is growing more and more. This can be achieved with the installation of a computerized system that will be in charge of making surveillance devices and everyday household appliances, such as lamps and sound equipment, interact perfectly.

For these four reasons, intelligent security should not be absent from the home

1.- Greater security

It will allow you to have access to all the information that technology at home collects every second. From Kuala Lumpur or one block from your home you will be able to know what is happening, and not only this, you will also be able to act in time for an incident and notify the authorities if any illegal or irregular situation happens. Also, you will have the option to see the videos live, in real time, of what happens.

Increase your savings

With a domotic house ,you will be able to control, for example, heating and lighting. Remotely, you will have access to program the on / off of appliances that have higher energy consumption, which translates into savings in the electricity bill.

Greater control

If for some reason you can’t get home on time, with intelligent security you can simulate some movements within it. Of course, you must be aware that the equipment that will be in charge of guarding your surveillance must be state-of-the-art. In addition, you will be able to program this system to receive by means of email notification any novelty that occurs.


Being able to literally take control of your home in your hands is priceless. The convenience of setting up most of the equipment at home on your cell phone is a big plus. You won’t need to get home to turn on the lights, water the garden or close the blinds.

We are in the era of technology and information, and this is one of the reasons why not everything can be pink. According to Tecnocosas of Spain, one of the main drawbacks of intelligent security systems is that their Achilles heel are cyber attacks

More and more criminals are specializing in new technologies and, like you, could also collect a lot of information from your home without even entering it.

Add to this the fact that installing and maintaining a home automation system represents an expense, or rather, a very large investment, so you must evaluate if it adapts to the economy of your pocket. However, with the passage of time, it will be more affordable and you will see the benefits.


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